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Welcome!  The MOMS Club® of Traverse City, MI is a club for the fun and support of local families.  If you are expecting a child or have children, come join us!


We have:

Several Weekly Playgroups
MOMS Night O
Educational Speakers

Hobby Groups

Dinner Deliveries
unity Service
Online Chat Gro

Lots of Active Members

And best of all... great members with a sense of fun and humor.


Membership is only $25/yr





What are the benefits of joining the MOMS Club® of Traverse City, MI?

We have many! We organize weekly playroups, Fieldtrips, MOMS Night Out, and host Educational Speakers. We have chat forums where you can communicate online with other members. We host periodic children's holiday parties. We coordinate new-baby dinner deliveries to families as well as to members who may have suffered injury or hardship.  We coordinate community service projects to benefit local families. The most important benefit is you will be joining a supportive group of local moms who have come together in a spirit of fun, friendship and support.

Is there a fee to join the MOMS Club of Traverse City?

Annual dues for membership in the MOMS Club of Traverse City, MI is currently $25 per year per family.
The MOMS Club of Traverse City, MI is a chapter of the International MOMS Club, a non-profit international organization that benefits at-home mothers worldwide. Learn more about the organization at

Can I try the group before joining?

Absolutely! Prospective members may attend up to two Member Meetings before joining.  Please contact to inquire.

I'm interested! What should I expect?

After you are a paid member you will have immediate access to all of The MOMS Club Of Traverse City, MI's online features including chat forums, event calendar, news updates, and membership directory. You will receive a monthly e-newsletter updating you on the upcoming scheduled activities. You will be able to choose a playgroup that works for you.

Is the MOMS Club of Traverse City, MI religious or political?

No. The club welcomes moms of all religions, ethnicities and political backgrounds. We are not affiliated with any religious denomination. Neither do we promote any particular parenting method.  Many members have recently moved to the Traverse Bay Area from elsewhere, others have spent their lives here.  All members simply wish to expand their friendship circle to include other local families.  We are a diverse group of parents who have come together in a spirit of friendship and support.

Does the membership fee cover all my expenses for participation?

Your membership fee primarily covers the costs of our quarterly service projects and the administrative expenses of running the club. Such expenses might include advertising, website hosting fees, printing and postage for mailings, etc.   It will also help defray the cost of some of the events the club organizes, like our Children's Holiday Party.  It will not cover your admission fee to Fieldtrip locations or MOMS Night Out activities.

Can I pay by check?

We strongly urge our members to make payments with a credit card because that will grant you immediate access to all of the club's online features. If you're renewing and your account expires, you will experience an interruption in your newsletter delivery and access to our online forum.  Renewing by credit card is the quickest way to keep all of your membership privileges up and running.  If you wish to send a check, please contact for the mailing address.

What do I do if I want to end my membership?

Contact our Membership Coordinator so she can convince you to stay! If, however, you do wish to end your membership, our Membership Coordinator can remove you from our roster. You will no longer receive forum/chat group emails and all group benefits will be terminated. We do not refund any membership fees.