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Welcome!  The MOMS Club® of Traverse City, MI is a club for the fun and support of local families.  If you are expecting a child or have children, come join us!


We have:

Several Weekly Playgroups
MOMS Night O
Educational Speakers

Hobby Groups

Dinner Deliveries
unity Service
Online Chat Gro

Lots of Active Members

And best of all... great members with a sense of fun and humor.


Membership is only $25/yr



HomePlaygroup Options



This group consists mostly of babies and toddlers ages 0-5.  The group meets weekly in members homes and other kid-friendly locations.  Meets Tuesdays 10:00 am.  Playgroup lasts 1 1/2 hours. 






For moms and kids of all ages.  The group meets someplace out of the house for a new adventure each week.  During warm weather this means the beach, parks, hikes, and nature areas.  During snowy months the group occasionally meets for outdoor fun, but usually picks an indoor meeting spot like the library storytime, Way To Grow playgroup, or indoor gymnastics.  Meets Fridays 10:00 am. 


 After joining the club you will be asked which of these playgroups works best for you and you can join one or more.  If the group you're in doesn't work for you, you can simply change groups or suggest starting a new one!